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Here are few featured destination you would love to travel very often, So pack your bags book your tickets and call us we will arrange everything that you want to see at that destination where you have planned. Remember we are just a call away, So feel free to call Konkan Tours and plan your trip.

Reader’s Thoughts

Well to start with It was an awesome experience staying in Goa. To tell more about Konkan Tours Wonder full Staff, everything was taken care by the Konkan Tours. so my next visit is to Sikkim will update after visit


I loved the Home stay at Malvan with homemade food in short to say I and my group was so welled looked we felt that we are at our own home town. will visit other place after March

Satish Sharma

very good and neat location we enjoyed our stay in Malvan will love to travel once to Rajasthan through Konkan tours again as it was really good experience with them

Puneet Shah

Still have second thinking on where to go and where not, Here is where Konkan Tours comes in picture

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